Putting “Colorful Colorado” on my head

I’m not much for tourist kitsch, but these ball caps available at Colorado visitor centers really made my heart go aflutter:

Colorado state line on Colo. 159 in the San Luis Valley. Photo by Bobby Magill, June 2010

I’m in the middle of trying to photograph every one of those 40-odd kitschy “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” signs on state and federal highways crossing the state line, so this hat was a must-have.

The project isn’t meant to document each state line sign, which would be insufferably boring, but to illustrate the diversity of the Colorado landscape as seen from the state’s borders.

I’m a touch over halfway through the project. I have all the northern border signs but two, all of the western border signs, few of the eastern border signs and a handful of the southern border signs. What you’ll notice is that, though Colorado is known for its high peaks, the landscape you see at the state line in many, many places isn’t mountains and peaks, but desert, plains, grasslands, redrock canyon country and rolling hills. So far, the most notable exception is on Colo. 159 at the New Mexico line, where the Blanca Massif — Blanca is the fourth highest peak in Colorado — looms in the distance over the San Luis Valley.

Check out my progress here.

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One thought on “Putting “Colorful Colorado” on my head

  1. Cool project. I’ve always thought the Colorful Colorado signs looked mostly out of place, especially out east. Cool to see them all in one place. Thanks.

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